Planning updates

In 2016, the Department for Education approved the Trust’s application to open a free school.

This application has the full support of the Cambridgeshire County Council.

As part of this planning process, we have a legal obligation to consult interested parties on whether the Secretary of State should sign a Funding Agreement with Eastern Learning Alliance which will enable The Cavendish School to open.

The Funding Agreement is a contract that details key aspects of the Trust’s responsibilities and how the school must function, such as how it abides by the Admissions Code and SEN Code of Conduct. It also outlines the circumstances in which the Secretary of State can intervene should the school’s performance be considered unacceptable.

It is our intention to open The Cavendish School in the 2021/2022 academic year and your opinions count. Please share them here. This consultation ends on 18 March 2021. Any responses received after this date will not be considered in the survey.