Breaking down barriers and inspiring others at the 2021 Festival of Education

We’re excited to share that Ryan Kelsall, our Acting Headteacher and Deputy CEO of the Eastern Learning Alliance, and Stephanie Smith, our Deputy Headteacher, will be speaking at the virtual Festival of Education on Friday 25 June 2021 at 13.20. Their presentation will focus on the topic of ‘breaking down the barriers to autism education – the world’s first IB special autism school’.

During their insightful session, Ryan and Stephanie will share how their knowledge and the latest research into autism have helped them develop a strategy and roadmap for opening our school in the midst of a global pandemic. Other highlights will include how our school is filling the gap in education for young people with autism, the synthesis of autism and the values of the IB curriculum and how the IB learner profile supports young people with autism.

The Festival of Education is a two-week programme of exciting and inspiring content, including internationally-renowned speakers, for educators across the globe. Registration is now open and you can book your free place here.